10 Largest, Heaviest And Tallest Living Animals In The World


The world is home to a wide variety of life forms, each having its own unique features and characteristics. On our planet, there are thousands of species that are still undiscovered, yet there are some living life forms that are incredibly fascinating and unique. In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 largest, heaviest, and tallest species in the world. Some of these species are currently in danger of extinction, but some are just very rare and are therefore not endangered.


The Blue whale


The Blue whale is the largest animal in the world, reaching a weight of 180 tonnes and a length of 30 m. The weight of their tongues is almost like an elephant and the size of their hearts is as much as a car, They diet mainly on tiny plankton.


Colossal Squid

It is difficult to see them in their natural surrounding as the Colossal Squid lives at depths of 1000m in the sea.. They have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom measuring about 25cm in diameter. The Colossal Squid has only one known predator called Sperm Whales.


African Elephant

African Elephant is the largest land-living animal. It weighs about 07 tons and grows up to 10.6m from tail to trunk. There are two types of African Elephants – The Savana Elephant and the Forest Elephant. They are on the red list of most threatened animals.



The Giraffe is the tallest animal on earth currently. It is about 5.8m tall and its neck alone is 1.8 long. They are mostly found in the East African grasslands. They love vegetation high above ground using their long tongues to take out young shoots and leaves from the trees. Giraffe babies are born after 15 months of the gestation period and already are 2m tall.

Brown Bear

Brown Bears are the largest Carnivore animals in the world. They weigh about 01 ton and reach up to 03m tall when standing on their hind legs. Brown bears are usually found in the forests and mountains of Asia, Europe and North America.

Whale Shark

The largest living fish in the water is Whale sharks. It is about 12m long and grows up to 22 tons in weight. Though they are huge in size but feed on largely tiny plankton. They are hunted in some areas and become vulnerable species. They are mostly found in tropical seas.

Saltwater Crocodile

The Saltwater Crocodile is the largest living reptile. They grow up to 5.2m and can reach up to 6.3m in length. They weigh more than 450kg. They eat all animals as their food including sharks. They are mostly found in the brackish and salt waters of Asia and Australia.


The largest living bird in the world is Ostrich. They have the largest eyes among all living birds. They can survive without water for days as they have an internal system in their body to make water and extract more from the vegetation they eat. The height of Ostrick is about 2.7m and weighs more than 150kg.

Chinese Salamander

The endangered, rare, fascinating in nature, known as living fossils – the Chinese Salamander, is the largest living amphibian. They weigh about 30kg and can reach up to 60kg also. They grow to a length of 1.8m. They have changed very litter from their ancestors.

Goliath Beetle

The heaviest insect in the world – the Goliath Beetle live in the undergrowth of African tropical forests. 100g in weight and 11.5cm in length, they are found in brown, black and white colours

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