mother nature

It's High Time To Repair The Damaged Nature

Very little time left for us to further delay to start massive  operation to restore the  dilapidated nature. Our neglect and misuse of nature  has thrown all species into near extinction. 

The site of a waterfall itself is fascinating. The view of a waterfall, their sound and the feel when you are next to a waterfall are things that help you understand why a waterfall is so beautiful. This blog will look at different aspects of a waterfall and help you understand nature better.

A river is a natural flowing body of water which is usually large in size and has a source from its origin to its mouth. It is larger than a creek, yet smaller than an ocean. A river is a part of the hydrosphere and is subject to the Earth's tides. The water of a river is usually fresh water from rain and snow that flows downhill in a natural course. The Amazon, Congo, Nile, Yangtze, Mississippi-Missouri, Yenisei. Ganges etc., are the major rivers in the world .

The ocean covers more than two-thirds of our planet, is an enormous storehouse of resources, and a breeding ground for diverse species of life. The ocean is also a fundamental part of our planet's ecology, helping regulate the climate and driving the weather. But are the oceans prepared to withstand the perils of climate change? How can we protect the ocean and its creatures? What are the causes and consequences of ocean acidification? These will be the questions that we will address in this blog.

The green forest is important to the survival of whole world. We need to protect it and save it. The green forest gives us oxygen, food and water. Green forest is important to the survival of everything on this earth including the human race. Trees help to control the climate. Without trees we would have to wear clothes. Trees are nature's water pumps which are used for air and moisture recycling during evaporation. Trees prevent soil erosion by absorbing water if there was no trees there would be floods. Trees take in and store carbon dioxide and release oxygen. If there were no trees we would not have survive.

Why Should We Need To Take Care Of Nature Urgently?

Survival of human kind of itself is in great danger due to mindless deforestation and unplanned industrialization which played havoc with the nature.

What We Get From Nature?

All creatures in this planet entirely depend on nature. Our planet, Earth is the only place in our solar system where  life cease to grow and survive. There is no life in Mars, Jupiter, Moon etc.